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The Taste of Light

October 22, 2013


  Have you ever tasted 1,000 tahlils? What about 5,000 istighfars? What about several hundred salawats on the Nabi (saws)? What about the taste of a surat you never thought you’d read in Arabic? Because it was too big? Too long? Too overpowering? This year, I tasted these things for the first time. I tasted […]

Becoming Pilgrims from Home

October 19, 2012


Dhul Hijjah Mubarak!!! How are you upping your game these blessed ten days? Well, I’ve actually entered a “game” to up my anty. I don’t even know what the prize is. Well, I do, actually. An increase in ibadah and inshAllah, with the proper intentions, reward from Allah. Yeah, I’m serious about competing this Dhul […]

Hajj mabroor, Hajj makbool inshAllah…

October 22, 2011


Today, I joined countless other families around the world in sending our loved ones off to hajj. In my case, it was sending off my dear husband, Hassan. The ihram was washed, kits were assembled, repetitive questions were asked. The luggage was packed, unpacked, and repacked in preparation for this very special three-week journey–the longest […]

Marhaba Dhul-Hijjah!

November 7, 2010


Hajj season is upon us as today starts the first day of the ten holiest days of any month in the year. It is Dhul Hijjah, a time for us to intensify our worship. Though much emphasis is put on Ramadan, its last ten days, and its Eid, there aren’t any days more blessed than […]