Hajj mabroor, Hajj makbool inshAllah…

Posted on October 22, 2011


Today, I joined countless other families around the world in sending our loved ones off to hajj. In my case, it was sending off my dear husband, Hassan. The ihram was washed, kits were assembled, repetitive questions were asked. The luggage was packed, unpacked, and repacked in preparation for this very special three-week journey–the longest we will have ever spent away from each other. This whole week was filled with preparation–mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically–but I still don’t know if I’m totally prepared to be on my own after six amazing years. Even for this short?long! time. But I am looking forward to the challenge. And before you ask me the question I know you’re thinking…No, I didn’t go because I don’t think it’s my time. My answer simply is that instead of making dhikrAllah, I would be making dhikr (remembrance) of Noora if I were to go now. Noora and I haven’t spent a day without each other, and we’re not going to start now. She’s still young yet. And inshAllah we still have time to make hajj. InshAllah I’ll go when she can go too. And until then, we anxiously await the return of our keystone…her father…my husband…and will be sharing snapshots of Saudi Arabia through his eyes as we are updated, inshAllah…

Hajj mabroor Hassan! Hajj maqbool! Hajj mubarak to all of our spiritual brothers and sisters who will be orbiting the first house of the universe with you!

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