New Year, New Beginnings

Peace be unto you! It’s with reluctancy and hesitancy that I write this message to you…I’m still grieving. But alhamdulillah. It’s a New Year, with new beginnings. And only with some endings do we have new beginnings…new openings. So help me welcome 2013/1434 with some new writing developments that make me smile…my article,“In Memory of Hands”, was featured in Silver Envelope’s first newsletter, a new opening and direction for the Islamic stationery company themselves! And I’ve also crossed the Atlantic…I was recently published in the UK for a new Muslim children’s magazine akin to Highlights, entitled Discover Magazine! It’s published by the same editors of SISTERS Magazine, most notably, Sr. Na’ima B. Robert, known for her Islamic fiction that has also crossed the Atlantic, and who is also an inspiration to me as a writer! The article is a tutorial for children on marbelizing paper, and is a flashback to my art teacher days, but as always, you can check out the Corpus page to see my published works. InshAllah there’s more to come from me in the way of words this new year! Pray for an opening for me to be able to write my own novels inshAllah! A blessed 2013/1434 to you all!

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