You nominated me…now please vote!

The beautiful Brass Crescent Award...aaaaah...

My, oh my, I got some very good news today–surprising news in fact! Some of you have really been busy out there because I didn’t nominate myself…but I’m listed as one of five you can vote for in the Best Writer category for the Brass Crescent Awards! You’ve got me up there with some of the big “guns” in the blogosphere, for lack of a better word…I can hardly believe it…mashAllah…ALHAMDULILLAH! What an honor!!!! I can’t believe you like the ramblings of my mind so much…but since you do, voting is open until November 7th.

But don’t delay! Who says you’ve got tomorrow to vote for me? Do what you have to do today and help me bling up this site! You know that “trophy” would look good on the sidebar. Just look at how well it matches as the featured image of this post! Now go on ahead and vote, you’re making me blush!

And yes, I did take a screen shot of this very momentous time in history…in my writing career…:D

Brass Crescent Awards Nomination Screen Shot

Jazakum Allahu khair for all of you who nominated me and voted for me in this very humbling category. My speech is not the best of speech, but it makes me feel good that you think of it enough to call me “the best writer”..and I’ll use a really small b for that.


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