Better late than never…Eid mubarak!

The last decorations by yours truly...

Better late than never…Eid mubarak to you! I know inquiring minds want to know how we fared by the end of Ramadan…and all I can say is alhamdulillah, this was

the. best. Ramadan. ever.

Even through the tears, drama, and sob story you witnessed here. Things were done that were never done before, and I feel that I’ve moved, even if only an inch, in the right direction.

Which brings me to the Eid khutba that we were blessed to hear…the khatib (who remains for the most part, anonymous to me), said that Ramadan is our annual training ground. And just like we seek to advance ourselves in our professions and undergo training yearly to earn the various certifications that allow us to do what we do best, we must take our training during Ramadan seriously. We must renew, recertify, and regroup our Islam…our selves…to make the mark. And Ramadan is the blessed month that allows us to do this. Witnessing multiple Ramadans is a chance for us to advance ourselves in the best profession there is: being a servant to Allah. And if we aren’t building upon what we learn each Ramadan, and if we aren’t advancing one Ramadan to the next, then what in effect are we doing?

So may we remember the lessons we learned during this Ramadan throughout the year and into the next Ramadan so that we may continue in our Lord’s training program. May we meet each succeeding Ramadan and Eid in advanced states. Amin!

And if you’re still in the mood for giving out Eid gifts…There’s only one day left to nominate your favorite Islamic blog for the Brass Crescent Awards…please vote for The Sandal!!! (I think I’d fit into the Best New Blog category or the Best Post/Series for my Journey to Jerusalem Journal or SeekersGuidance Retreat to Tennessee series best…) Hey, I’m still working on my relationship with the dunya here, but let’s be honest…one of those Brass Crescent Awards would sure look nice among the bling of my sidebar here…

Eid mubarak to you!!!

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