Day 5: On Acceptance

Today has been a relaxing, but long day, so this message will be brief. But I’ve learned a lot about acceptance from all the teachers. For instance…

  1. We must accept the place that we are in life. We must accept the decree of Allah (swt) and His Wisdom in putting us in the particular situation we are in at this moment and time. We are nothing without Him. And He Wills all. Every good deed we do is a gift from Him. We must show gratitude in every situation.
  2. We must accept our faults and failures. It’s an honorable thing to be able to admit our wrongs. For we do not admit the wrongs, how can we correct them and find out what’s right? How can we turn to Allah and be forgiven if we don’t recognize our deficiency and ask for it?
  3. We must accept who we are. We have been given our parents for a reason, and it is from the Wisdom of the Creator. We did not choose them, nor did we choose our ancestry. Allah chose them and Allah chose us to journey on His Path to find our better selves–the person He always knew we’d become if we put some effort into our potential.
  4. We must always ask Allah to accept our deeds. Just because we do them, doesn’t mean they are accepted. Ali (ra), said, “Be more anxious for your works to be accepted than for them to be done, for no accepted deed is small”. This was a reminder from Shaykh Yahya Rhodus in our Perfecting Prayer class, and it is also written in Imam Al Haddad’s Mutual Reminding.

On a more practical note, we ascended Buck Bald Summit at maghrib (sunset) today, a mountain where we enjoyed a 360 degree panoramic view of North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. We prayed maghrib on top of the mountain and made dhikr with the trees and grasses out in the open. It was a beautiful experience, mashAllah. And there were even some Christians on the mountain who joined in our dhikr at the end. Subhanallah. May Allah move their hearts and guide them. It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is the last day. I almost never want this retreat to end, though I know the real test for me will be implementing what I’ve learned back at home. Please pray for our success and acceptance of our ibadah, and our continual ascension in matters of the deen. May Allah ascend all of us through our prayers and everything we do for His sake. Amin.

~Please enjoy this snapshot of our evening from Buck Bald Summit~

2 thoughts on “Day 5: On Acceptance

  1. All three points ring so true to me right now. Truly something to meditate on. Insh’Allah this retreat will never end because you will take what you have learned and bury it in your heart as well as share it with others. It will go on and on as you see the fruit of it in your life and those you have touched by sharing it. Thank you! I wish I could have been there and seen the mountain top with you all. It was wonderful to hear of the Christians Alhamdulillah! What a wonderful blessing and experience this has all been for you and others. With the snapshot I felt as if I was there!! 🙂

  2. Jazaki Allahu khair Sr. Jodi again for traveling along on this journey with me…you have been wonderful company, mashAllah! InshAllah you will be able to come next year!!! Please let me know if you do…it’d be great to meet you! I am happy if these meager notes have been able to do something of benefit for readers. Whatever good is in them comes from Allah alone, Alhamdulillah!

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