While I was out…

A cute box I found at Michael's during my blogiday that I believe sums up the reason for blogidays, don't you think? Currently this box is holding my scrapbook projects.

I’ve missed you so! I truly do enjoy our conversations on the blogosphere, and today, on my birthday, I’m calling my blogiday quits. I was able to accomplish some things while I was out, but at times it hurt to be so far away from sharing my thoughts with you. The Sandal is my outlet…my therapy. But I kept you in mind–I created a couple of drafts of posts yet to come and thoughts I wished to share with you. And I even checked in on you from time to time by checking the stats. I was astonished and excited that so many of you were checking in on me! On a couple of days, I had more than 50 visitors. Thanks for the blog love! Still, its best that I didn’t break our blogiday. I still had trouble boiling eggs that were not in the pot during my hiatus, and once I mistook ear drops for eye drops. I needed a break. But this is what I did do while I was out, to be elaborated on in upcoming posts Lord willing…

  1. I entertained an idea of developing a new blog devoted to crafting (mostly crochet) and children/parenting interests. What do you think about that?
  2. I attended a wedding at the Farm of Peace in Pennsylvania.
  3. I finished crocheting a spring/summer sweater for Noora and some slippers as well.
  4. I read a number of good books.
  5. I tried extreme couponing and still can’t quite get it. We managed to save 22% though!
  6. I researched my ancestry on ancestry.com and found some very interesting things.
  7. I didn’t do much work on my novel and decided that I’ll work on it after Ramadan inshAllah. It’s just around the corner anyway. But I’m working on having a first draft outline so that once Ramadan is over I can get to writing without pause. Meanwhile, I’m drafting a writing plan to keep me on schedule thanks to the book, My So-Called Freelance Life.
  8. And as of yesterday, I’ll be starting a gardening apprenticeship with my elderly-Tai-Chi-wielding-Green-Thumb-genius-of-a-neighbor, Ms. Linda. I need to get outside a little more.

I did other things like clean the house, semi-organize scrapbooking projects, and take long walks around my neighborhood, but none of that seems quite as interesting as the above :). I could show you pictures of my spring cleaning initiatives, but then I’d have to raise your clearance level. So nevermind that, here’s to continued beginnings!

Another box that I found at Michaels uniquely shaped like a book...I believe it sums up my blogiday.


2 thoughts on “While I was out…

  1. 786

    Alhumdulillah….this is quick and light and witty and most of all inshaAllah it sounds like you……keep up the good work …have a wonderful birthday….and May Allah continue to shower His Blessings on you and all of us….

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