Day 16: The Room with a View

Hmmmm…Ramallah had me going there. Today we are on vacation. We are journeying….to Eilat!!! The hot spot in the south of Israel touching the Red Sea…beach town…coral reefs…blue skies smiling at me.

We left at 6am to make the four hour drive to the south. Sorry, can’t tell you much of what happened during the drive. Noora and I were knocked out. Hassan said he saw a sign for the tomb of Lut’s (as) wife along the Dead Sea. But we didn’t stop…she was of those who lagged behind. And Hassan, especially, is no lagger–he made the 4 hour trip in 3 hours and 20 minutes!

Once we reached Eilat, we fell in love with the country all over again. This is the best vacation spot by far. I can’t tell you why…I must show you the pictures.

Aqua blue crystal clear waters. Coral reefs. Rainbow colored fish. Glass bottom boats and submarine tours of the ocean floor. I’m sure I’m missing things.

We went to the Underwater Observatory Marine Park. We saw Allah’s creation. Creation we can’t see at the Baltimore aquarium. Piranhas. How to open pearl oysters. A feeding and petting pool of friendly koi fish. A breastfeeding booth!!! Shoot, I haven’t even found that in the US!! All we kept saying was mash’allah, subhanallah, and alhamdulillah. Every place we go has a view. Even our hotel room. It’s picture perfect town…Eilat is photogenic.

And mostly everyone at the tourist places is quad-lingual. Hebrew, English, Russian, and another language. Today I spoke Russian, English, and Spanish within five minutes of each other! Good thing too! I needed to practice my Russian!

Before coming here, I wasn’t as revved up about Eilat. I wondered if our hotel would be as good as Howard Johnson and give us a free warm breakfast. Well, let me tell you, everyone looked at us as if we were crazy last night when we asked for a check for our dinner. “What for?” they said. It’s comp. Breakfast and dinner. Oh, and it’s kosher gourmet buffet with like literally 30 things to choose from. Sorry, Howard Johnson. My heart now belongs to the Orchid Resort. I could live here forever.

True, there is no masjid here but we could always build one…right? Someone told us they don’t allow Palestinians here. Well, we’ve already met a handful…more than we saw in Tel Aviv for sure. The only thing that makes me feel guilty about such luxury is that a lot of the Muslims here are the help. They are the waiters…the construction workers…only two families of the ones we saw were here on vacation as well. Sighs. InshAllah our coming here will make more Muslims come here!!! To the Palestinian people who can…come! Enjoy and explore your country for crying out loud!!! To the Muslims, travel and see all that The Creator has created! Which of the favors of your Lord can you deny?

2 thoughts on “Day 16: The Room with a View

  1. My Baby looking at the fish!!! Oh I miss you guys 😦 but so glad you are having this great experience. Between your writing and your pictures I feel like I’m right there with you. See you soon- Love Mom

  2. If it is an Israeli resort (is it?) perhaps Palestinians and many Muslims do not go there as essentially they would be supporting the Israeli economy…

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