Day 11: Wandering Through The Old City II

Today we were vagabonds. We still need a break–we’ve almost checked everything on our lists, but still we must see the Prophets Lut (Lot), Ibrahim (Abraham), Yaqub (Jacob), Yunus (Jonah), Alyasa (Elisha), and possibly Yusuf (Joseph), too, peace be upon them all. There are some disputes concerning where some of them lay…but we will try to find them inshallah!

So we took to the Old City in the bohemian spirit and wandered aimlessly. This was the first day we didn’t do any shopping…though I tried!!! Just didn’t find anything that we needed or had to have. It’s so nice when you get to the point of being content with less, especially when so many new things are being thrown at you in this place. My most prized souvenirs from here now are my pictures. Every couple of steps in the alleys of the Old City, I stop to snap pictures of daily life. It’s priceless in this one of a kind place.

As always, we prayed dhuhr at Al Aqsa…actually, we prayed in the Dome of the Rock today, but that is still part of Al Aqsa.

Then we found our cheapest find for lunch at 78 shekels, and ate. By the way, my hubby ordered a hamburger but it still comes out on pita bread. This is a step up though…because at least it’s actually a sandwich. I’m still trying to find a real hamburger here that doesn’t come on pita and isn’t served with tahini or hummus!!!

Then, we happened to find the Mt. of Olives and enjoyed a breathtaking view of the whole city. The wind was blowing just right and I think this is the first day I didn’t break out into a complete sweat from the heat. The view and feeling was priceless.

We then drove around the Old City to explore some other gates…we rode up to the Lion’s Gate and oops! We hit someone’s car…but they shrugged it off, not being able to discriminate our scratch from the other dings and dents they had accumulated. By the way, have I told you how many cars have dents in them here? To not have a dent is like a miracle! People drive so crazy here! Look, even we’ve gotten a touch of it…hitting a parked car, and just the other day, we saw a woman trying to park on our street by banging both the cars in front of her and behind her. You would’ve thought that she was playing bumping cars, but she wasn’t playin at all with her parallel parking! Everyone else’s car had to go! It was like something out a movie!

Dinner tonight was pizza and it tasted like pizza, except it had corn on top?!?! Yum?!?!

3 thoughts on “Day 11: Wandering Through The Old City II

  1. Driving around the old city was fun exploring gates we had never gone through. I saw a sign that read “Lion’s Gate” so I drove up a giant hill up a narrow road and we were right in front of the Lion’s Gate, 4 or 5 soldiers, a large group of Tourists, some locals, and 2 parked cars. The road was way too narrow to make a 3 point turn as it would have turned into a 28 point turn so I pulled up next to one of the parked cars avoiding the other and right in front of the soldiers and then I made my move backing up and cutting the wheel to turn around and head out of the old city but I cut the wheel to close trying to avoid the group of tourists and I bumped the parked car next to the soldiers. Though the car was parked it was on and there were two guys in it about to leave. Both the rental and their car had prior damage on them in the same place I hit. They shrugged it off so I jumped back in the car and drove off before they changed their mind 🙂

  2. 786

    since this trip began it has been really a high point in my day to see what is going to happen next…this is really good writing and until now my comments have been just to family members saying how wonderful it is to read a writer who has the reader in mind as they are writing and are not writing for themselves as so many so-called writers do inshaAllah…This is good stuff and it is a pleasure to be blessed in this way. May Allah forgive us and guide us and have mercy on us…from a very happy Dad…

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