Day 2: Journey to Ramallah II

Today we went to Ramallah to visit Ana again. We had a yummy iftar at her house and met her in-laws. Visiting Ana’s neighborhood of Surda is a little bit of a flashback to my childhood visits to my great-grsndmother’s farm. Her whole house is embraced with fruits and vegetables, including grapevines, fig trees, olive trees, and tomato plants. This is what I’ve been waiting for… Seeing the countryside of Palestine. And let me tell you, Palestinians are very happy to share it. They are proud of their work and are eager to show it and share it, whether it’s farming, gardening, or handicrafts (I’ve been very interested in tatreez–Palestinian cross-stitch embroidery–and have had made plans to visit some embroidery cooperatives inshAllah). In fact, most tatreez stitches are inspired by the land and its produce. But more on tatreez later…if I get started on that, I’ll never stop. My husband and I both received separate tours of Ana’s vineyards and land. Mash’Allah, it was very nice and all I felt that I needed was a hammock to sleep under the stars that night, enjoying Ramallah’s gentle breezes.

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