Blessed Rajab

Greetings of peace and prosperity to you during this sacred month of Rajab!

There are 4 sacred months in the Islamic year: Muharram, Dhul Qa’idah, Dhul Hijjah, and Rajab. One may find many things on Rajab when using a search engine, but sadly most of the “get up and worship” statements don’t have any strong, authentic references to back up their claims. But don’t despair! This is a chance for us all to examine our individual relationship with Allah. Are we the kind of Muslims that worship Him fervently for one or two months and slack off throughout the rest of the year? Do we only pray night vigil prayers (tahajjud, tarawih, qiyam ul-lail), fast, and make istighfar during Ramadan?

Well, Rajab is here to remind us to prepare for Ramadan and that Allah is always here and always near, waiting to accept our ibadah. We just have to make the time, effort, and sacrifice to offer it to Him. You know, I’ve been thinking about love. When we love someone or something, we hasten to be with it. We rush through errands and chores for that love’s company. And love requires work–quality time, gifts, words of affection… I know I personally need to work on the way I show my love to Allah. How much quality time do I devote to The One who is always there for me? What gifts from my being do I genuinely offer without hesitation or thoughtlessness? What words of affection do I say to my Rabb, The All-Hearing? We will never be able to enumerate the favors of Al Wadud. Shouldn’t we also make it hard for ourselves to enumerate our sincere acts of worship towards Him? Rajab inshallah should be a good time to rekindle that feeling of being in love with Allah…with Islam…and with the sunnah of rasulAllah (saws).

I find that my worship becomes stronger when I become more knowledgeable. For instance, today, on the 1st of Rajab, I learned that there were some significant events in Islamic history that took place during this blessed month. And guess what? They all happened in Bilad us-Shams…subhanallah! Everything ia pointing to Al Quds like a magnet and I can’t wait to meet that city! Rajab is the month of the Night Journey and Ascension (Isra wal Mi`raj) of our dear Prophet (saws). His journey reminds me to perfect my prayer so that is an ascension for me in this life and the next. Also, the Battle of Tabuk took place in the 9th year AH. I don’t know too much about this battle but I will be reading up on it inshallah and posting my findings here. I know it happened near Syria and that it is talked about in Surah Al-Tawba. Rajab is also the month of the liberation of Al-Aqsa Mosque from the crusaders at the hands of Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi. These are all great events to remember, and push us towards being more gracious and loving towards our Sustainer not only during the month of Rajab, but throughout the whole year. May we be of those who gain beneficial knowledge, find the lessons therein, and implement that wisdom through action in our lives. Amin!

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