The Prophet’s Sandal

I wear an image of the Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) sandal around my neck. It reminds me of where I’ve been and where I’m hoping to go in the journey of life. It reminds me to walk in his (pbuh) footsteps and uphold his sunnah.

This is how the Sandal looks–it has a very distinct shape. I like the simplicity of sandals. They are simple shoes without a lot of fuss…if they fit right, they feel good, too. I don’t wear too many sandals these days. I prefer the flip flop variety or those that show a lot of skin, and for some reason I feel a little skimpy in them. Yes, even with hijab, long sleeves, and a long skirt or pants, wearing flip flops or my style of sandals usually seems like I’m wearing a thong out in public. Perhaps this is because I take the hadith on hijab seriously. I try my best to keep everything covered except for my face and hands in my attempt to follow the sunnah and be of those guided to the Gardens of the Righteous. Hey! I have to have to have something going for me, right? There are tons of other errors that I’m sure I make throughout the day. If I can get my dress code right, insh’Allah that can be a heavy positive on the right side of the scale and on my shoulder. But I digress..

I’m happy wearing the Prophet’s sandal–it keeps me close to him, my role model in life. Follow me on my journey to discover what meaningful things I can do with my life in the public sphere. A modern bohemian, in the good sense of the word, roaming and seeking to do works that please Allah.

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